Choosing a colour palette

There are lots of colours to choose from in my work so I need to narrow it down. The way I did this was to paint colour chips and see what went together and then I did some yarn wraps in the colours I had chosen.

20190311_131518a (Small)
Seaweed greens
20190311_131532a (Small)
Fishing net turquoise
20190311_131550a (Small)
Fishing net rope turquoise, orange, black


20190226_183534a (Small)
mussel shells, indigo, blue, grey


20190311_131603a (Small)
 crab shell Orange
20190311_131328a (Small)
Yarn Wraps for colour palette
20190311_131440aa (Small)
Yarn Wraps for colour palette
20190311_131503a (Small)
Yarn Wraps for colour palette

The colours really popping for me are the seaweed greens, the turquoise/blue/green of the fishing net ropes, the orange of the crab shell, the orange and indigo of the crab shell and leg and the blues, indigos, purples of the mussel shells.

20190311_135414a (Small)
Seaweed greens, mussel shell blues, fishing net turquoise, crab orange and indigo


20190311_131809a (Small)
seaweed greens
20190311_131723a (Small)
fishing net rope turquoise
20190311_131942a (Small)
Mussel shell blues and purples
20190311_131846a (Small)
crab shell orange
20190311_135429a (Small)
colour palette

I’m undecided on the mussel shell colours at the moment but will definitely move forward with the green, turquoise and orange. I think the four colours go well together but is 4 colours too many??