Most of my yarn designs come from the shape of the seaweed pods and the line of the strands of fishing rope. These are the shapes that are standing out to me the most.

Project15 (Small)

  1. Glue from glue gun painted with acrylic paint- strong, rubbery, can create in any shape, flexible, can be added to stitch work, weaving20190325_162451 (Small)
  2. 2 ply dark green wool, knotted with strands tied on and knotted- easy, versatile, time consuming tying all the knots but effectively achieves the look of seaweed.
  3. Free form crochet with 2 ply dark green wool- cant crochet very well and have never tried freeform but very pleased with how this yarn turned out. I managed to create the (sort of) 3-D pod shapes with the crochet which is what I wanted and as it is free form there can be no mistakes!20190325_162504 (Small)4. Chunky 2 ply olive green wool, knotted with strands threaded through the ply, frayed and knotted. This one turned out well and represents the look of the seaweed pods. It has a softer look than the knotted dark green wool which makes me think of the fronds of kelp swaying in the sea.20190325_162456 (Small)5. French knitted dark green wool, knotted at intervals to create pods and wooden green beads inserted into some of those pods. Not overly keen on this, the idea of it in my head looked good but in reality I don’t feel I captured quite what I wanted. It does have the pods but it just doesn’t stand out for me. (Image above in grid photo)

6 and 7. Hand carded wool tops, sari silk waste and wensleydale locks, hand spun core with coils. Very time consuming but worth the effort. I core spun the batts and made coils- 2 techniques I have never done before so I am very pleased with the results. The coils make excellent pods and the randomness of them adds to the natural, organic effect I was going for. The green obviously is for the seaweed but the orange and blue represent the colours of the fishing net and ropes.20190325_110422 (Small)

8. Tyvek beads strung on strands of fishing rope. Combining the pod shape of the seaweed and using washed up fishing rope to join them together, the organic and inorganic entangled.20190325_162444 (Small)

9. 3D printed seaweed. A totally new concept for me. I recently went in with my son on buying a 3D printer, with the intention of helping him out but also I am seeing more and more 3D printed textile concepts about and it has peaked my interest – here is my Pinterest board for 3D textiles   

I am not very tech savvy so I still know very little about how it all works, but I had some crash lessons from my son over Easter and I managed to design and print 3 different types of seaweed (with help!) How they will fit in with this project, I’m not sure, but it was a very interesting, if irrelevant (for now) diversion. (More details in my sketchbook). I also printed some fish scales onto tulle- Not my design, it can be found here

by BeAMaker on thingyverse. I look forward to researching more about 3D textiles and their use and maybe incorporating some ideas into my own work.

10. Dyed gauze bandage knotted- simple but effective, tangled fishing nets.

11. Dyed gauze bandage with handspun, hand dyed wool threaded through- again, simple but effective translation of fishing net and entanglement.


I feel I came up with some good results with the yarn concepts and tried lots of different ideas. The core spun coiled wool has been brilliant for adding into lots of the pieces I have made, especially the weavings, as each bit I cut off is different from the rest. The knotted wool concepts are very simple but that should not detract from the effectiveness when it has been used in later pieces. I love the glue gun yarn, so different and versatile as a material and in this case a linear concept which can be used in different pieces. It was the glue gun yarn that made me think of 3D printing some seaweed shapes, which turned out much better than I was expecting. The heat bed on our printer is not that big so I was unable to create a long, continuous piece but the concept for it is there. When I made the piece smaller and joined them together to form a sort of mat you can get a better idea of what a yarn or a piece of material could look like. Definately fuels ideas for the future!