ATV Assignment 4 Review point- Demonstration of creativity

Review point- demonstration of creativity

I am happy with how I have demonstrated my creativity so far within the course. The course assignments have pushed my creativity, making me think outside the box to come up with new and inventive ideas- these are new to me, not new innovations. I have tried lots of new techniques that I have never used before such as spinning, weaving, French knitting, photo editing software, drawing archive clothing in a museum. I also have used a range of materials that I have not used before such as Tyvek paper, plastic bottle yarn, dental floss, plaster bandage. I am enjoying the creativity of my sketchbook- making notes, drawing out ideas, storing samples- I know these will become a valuable resource for looking back on.

I do need to be more questioning of my work and outcomes- why I did what I did and why I liked or disliked it. I know this sort of self-analysis will develop more the further I go on the course. At the moment I still find it a little difficult to put my thoughts onto paper and explain why I did or liked something. Also the very real fear of ‘Is this right?’ continues to haunt me. Maybe not so much now whether the techniques or samples I have produced are right but whether I have fulfilled the brief, which can be quite difficult to understand sometimes as in what is being asked of you. Developing my personal voice is something that can only come with time and experience but I will find my way there.

I need to find a more creative approach to some of the research. Some of the research points I have found quite tedious and time consuming, like the research for part four links 15-21. This was all online research, some of the links didn’t work and it was a lot of wading through stuff to find relevant information. Any suggestions or tips from my tutor would be most appreciated!

I do read a lot of textile books and pin a lot of information on Pinterest- I have 31 boards dedicated to OCA Textiles covering a range of topics, tutorials, artists and inspirations. This has widened my knowledge on a large range of subjects and techniques which can be applied to my work.

I do have to be quite creative in sourcing my materials as I live on a small Island which has 2 fabric shops! I have sourced stuff from charity shops, friends and family (collections of different coloured plastic bottles), the recycling bin, swaps and online. I am a member of the Facebook OCA textiles page and the Instagram page both of which are good resources for all manner of things, especially fibre shops and articles. I also follow a lot of universities and textile students and groups on Instagram, again great for inspiration and sourcing of new shops/products to try.