ATV Part 5 Building a collection Option 1 strengthening a theme

I collected seaweed, sea shells, pieces of fishing net and pieces of dead crab from my local beach to do my observational drawings from. I drew the items individually and as still lifes.

I did quick pencil sketches, line drawings, detailed drawings, using pencil and pen. I did watercolour, coloured pencil and collage using gelli printed papers to create a range of images, colours and textures.

Project13aaa (Small)                                                  Individual watercolour sketches

Project13aaabbb (Small)

Line drawings and colour pencil sketches

Project13asd (Small)

Gelli printed papers used in collages

Project13dgbg (Small)

Still life collages using gelli printed papers

Project13uyt (Small)

Still life collages using gelli printed papers

Project13qrew (Small)

At this point the shapes of the seaweed are what’s really standing out to me and the green of the seaweed, turquoise/blue of the fishing net and the orange of the crab shell. The orange and turquoise go really well together. I also like the indigo, blue and grey, white of the mussel shells.

Project13dhyu (Small)