Project 3, exercise 1.7, Sources and Media

project31.jpgI wrote in my paper learning log that I wanted to go big and bold in this exercise. I wanted to be loose and free with my drawings and maybe use lots of layers for backgrounds and be quite abstract in capturing the colour and energy of the flowers rather than make precise botanical drawings. I wanted to buy a big bunch of flowers and do some drawings of the whole bunch in the vase.I had been inspired by the works of Jane Askley when looking at the artists in a previous exercises so thought I would try something in her sort of style.

But, It didn’t go that way! Circumstances found me having finished the previous exercises, with time on my hands, my new watercolours arriving that morning and no way to get to the flower shop, so I had a hunt around my garden. It’s november so all I could find was a fuchsia, one lonely rudbeckia flower and a chard leaf from the veggie patch! Change and adapt! I decided to go with the watercolor, looking more at Elizabeth Blackadder’s style. I have not used watercolour in years so I felt this was an ideal exercise to start again with this media.