Project Two, exercise 1.4, lines and edges

-A series of drawings with a focus on using line.

I enjoyed using the continuous line, left hand and eyes closed method in this exercise. It helped me to loosen up a bit with my drawings and introduced some new marks where my lines crossed over or went on top of previous lines. I worked on large sheets of paper with sharpie marker pens for the continuous line and eyes closed methods as I felt this gave me more freedom.


The blue dress- Large drawings, continuous line, smaller drawings with eyes closed. Using pen and ink and pastel to explore the drape and folds in the hem line.


The black lace veil- large eyes closed work, smaller continuous line on deli paper, using a metal tube and indian ink on deli paper to represent the net structure, detail of lace design on deli paper using soft pencil and blender pen. Experimenting with different pens and marks on the piece at the back. I found the lace net background very frustrating to draw. It is so structured and precise that it would take hours to draw it correctly but a lot of the other marks I tried didn’t really capture it that well.


The waistcoat. I did quite a few drawings as I really like the shape of the waistcoat and it lends itself well to the continuous line and eyes closed methods.

The detail of the watered silk is one of the things that drew me to choose the waistcoat as one of my 3 archive textiles but it has been incredibly hard to try and capture. I have used pastel but that didn’t work so well, white prisma pencil on black paper looked ok as did fine black drawing pen. I used square paper and scaled up the watered silk marks and that has given an interesting effect.