Project Two , exercise 1.5, collage and creases


These are the collages I did. Top left is the black lace veil. I used black paper as my background. I created the net/lace paper by using a picture of netting and repeating it in word until I had a whole page and then printing out 2 copies. For the embroidered detail on the lace I used different black and white magazine pictures cut up into stylized shapes of the detail. I didn’t manage to get it in proportion but I think overall I managed to capture the essence of the veil. Bottom left is also the veil, I looked at one of the scalloped edges and I used magazine images of lace to construct it. I used different tones and I folded the papers in places to capture the folds and tone of the piece.

Bottom right is the hem of the blue velvet dress. I liked the rolls of the folds in the hem so I concentrated on that area rather than recreating the whole dress. I used magazine papers for the top and bottom cotton fabric and crumpled tissue paper for the velvet. I added the moth damage marks by using a magazine page with speckled paintwork on it which I thought worked well to show the damage to the velvet.


Top right is the waistcoat. I used old mottled book pages for the base of the waistcoat. I then found some magazine pages of laminate floors and wood as the wood grain looked like the watered silk pattern. There were not enough pieces to cover all the waistcoat and anyway I didn’t want to cover up all of the book pages, so i just placed a few, using different colours to convey the tone and light and dark surface of the watered silk. I cut out small images of flowers from magazines and then hand cut leaves from pages with foliage on. I used crumpled tissue paper for the fragile ribbon tapes and twisted tissue paper for the buttonholes and also around the edges of the waistcoat to represent the double layer thickness. I like the finished piece but I think I prefered it before I added all the detail. It has a clean look about it and where the page edges are mottled and darker it manages to give it a depth that I think it loses in the finished piece.