Project Two, exercise 1.6, Detail and definition

For this exercise I focused on the little details of the blue dress and the waistcoat. I used hard and soft pencil and a variety of fine nib drawing pens and brush markers. I chose these media as I wanted to capture the fine details and these gave me the best results for that. For the waistcoat drawings I started off with the top middle drawing, focussing on the embroidery stitches and the pattern of the watered silk. I then did a detailed pencil drawing (bottom middle) of part of the back of the waistcoat, showing the ribbon tapes, creases and the frayed edge on one of the seams.  Top right was detail of the creases up the middle back seam of the waistcoat in varying scale.

For the dress drawings I started out by drawing a small detailed pencil drawing of the whole dress to show the creases and folds. Then I did close up detail of the creased velvet on the hem and the lace sleeve. I then looked at various other small details such as the hook and eye, moth damage, the lace, loose threads and frayed holes and made 9 small pen drawings of these. I then finished by drawing the bottom hem again, this time in pen and brush marker to capture the fold and dage on the hem.