Written reflection for part one

Written reflection for part one

I used mind mapping and a mood board to help me get started on the introductory project, both of which I found very useful for getting the ideas flowing. I enjoyed putting my story together, collecting relevant items and then composing them. I did a lot of drawings, probably way more than I needed to but I was unsure whether I was capturing the essence of the theme with my mark making and actually what was mark making- was it different to drawing?? I had never heard this term before so it’s taken a while to get my head around that and what it means. My doubt mainly came from joining the textiles Facebook page and seeing other people’s work on there and on various blogs. Although very useful to see how other people have tackled the projects and the support from the groups looks encouraging, I got very hung up on whether I was doing it right or wrong, whether I was understanding and fulfilling the brief and whether my work was good enough. I have found it very hard not to have any reassurance from a tutor along the way but understand that this is part of the course, learning to work on your own and making and justifying your own decisions. As the projects progressed I feel that I have loosened up slightly in my approach. Drawing with my eyes shut or while not looking at the paper has been really helpful and I have found that I normally like these images more than ones I have spent longer on. I have enjoyed looking at other artists and designers but am finding it difficult sometimes to articulate my feelings about their work, something I am sure I will get better at as the course goes on. I have learnt a lot from drawing the archive textiles, looking into the story behind them has fascinated me. Learning to look at the little details that help to tell the story and trying to capture that in my drawings.

I now nervously await my first tutor feedback!