Part two: Surface and stitch Project one, creating surfaces, exercise 2.1 Selecting

“In projects one and two, you’ll carry out some exploratory work that will give you a sense of the skills, methods and scope of sampling that you need to move towards textile creation. These exploratory samples will in turn direct the creation of textile samples in assignment 2. All of the work you generate will be based on responses to your folio of drawing through a hands on exploration of a combination of surface and stitch.”

These are the six drawings I have chosen to work from for project one. I chose images that I felt had the most potential for creating surfaces and mark making with stitch. I was excited by the chard leaf  drawing especially as it contained lots of marks and texture that I felt would translate well in this project. Also the watered silk drawing had an interesting combination of marks. I am already starting to formulate plans in my mind for how I can create surfaces for these two pieces.

Project1 (Small)